49.999,00 kr.54.999,00 kr.

MB5 B er en unik slank gulvhøjttaler med fire 5,25″ kulfiberenheder og en forseglet bånddiskant. MB5 fungerer som et 2,5-vejs højttalerdesign, hvor to 5,25″ kulfiber mellemtonehøjttalere understøttes af yderligere to basenheder for yderligere basale ydeevne. De to mellemtonehøjttalere er sat i serie for at opnå en øget og dynamisk effekt.




MB5-kabinettet er kraftigt afstivet, buet og med solide kulstofforstærkninger.

Højttaleren deles ved 2600 Hz, og de to ekstra sidehøjttalere hjælper op til 250 Hz. MB5 B spiller helt ned til de dybeste toner og gør det med et ubesværet drive, der vil efterlade dig forbløffet.

  • Størrelse: (BxHxD) 178 x 1185 x 319 mm
  • Vægt: 24 kg pr stk
  • Frekvensområde: 29 Hz – 40 KHz
  • Impedans: > 4 ohm
  • Følsomhed: 90 dB
  • Delefilter: 250 Hz + 2600 Hz
  • Kabinet: Buet, kraftigt afstivet, basrefleks med justerbare aluminiumsfødder
  • Enheder: 1 x bånddiskant – 1 x 5,25″ mellemtone – 3 x 5,25″ bashøjttaler
  • Udførelse: Sort silke, hvid silke eller valnød
  • Forstærkning: Vi anbefaler forstærkere af høj kvalitet >50W

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  1. Jeppe

    HiFi News review:

    “As I have already indicated, slide these slimline floorstanders into just the right spot and their profile diminishes entirely, leaving a wonderfully unfettered and captivating musical performance. Once the MB5 Bs are on song, you’ll be hooked and listening for hours… “

  2. Jeppe

    I-fidelity review:

    “The ScansonicHD MB5 B is undoubtedly an exceptionally elegant appearance that enriches different styles of furnishing. In terms of placement, it proves to be completely uncritical. With adequate playing partners, the MB5 B illuminates the microcosm of a recording, is extremely agile in terms of fine dynamics and fans out a splendid spectrum of sound colours with the finest shadings. At the same time, it is able to integrate its wealth of nuances into a completely coherent, cohesive playing style that immediately involves the listener, and not only in good recordings. Moreover, her imaging is very extended, precisely staggered and extraordinarily vivid. To remain in the image of the brand name: The MB5 B delivers acoustic UHD.”
    Link to review:

  3. Jeppe

    Enjoy the Music review:

    “The Scansonic MB5 B is a very musical speaker. It can easily check all the required audiophile boxes and play softly, can play loudly, and they sounded great with any genre I played through them. A vast understatement is claiming that their sonic traits belie their price. I’d have no problem recommending them to audiophiles shopping for speakers twice their price

    Conversely, $7490 might represent a considerable chunk of change for many. Calling these speakers “affordable” is relative. But the technology of these speakers has trickled down from a brand of speakers costing much, much more; they are a ridiculous bargain. They have inherited more than I expected, given the considerable price difference between the Raidho and Scansonic speakers.

    I could easily fill Enjoy The’s server with praise for the Scansonic MB5 B. Many times during the audition period, I would sit back and enjoy the music (pun unintended) because I would forget that I was reviewing these speakers while listening to both old favorites and enjoying new musical finds. That’s what it’s all about.

    I highly recommend the Scansonic MB5 B“

  4. Jeppe

    NAPISALI O NAS review:

    “The MB5 B is an unusual, but interesting design. This is mainly due to a rare arrangement based on many small loudspeakers installed in a slender casing. A large role in creating the sound of the MB5 B is played by the ribbon tweeter, which itself is an original design, which translates into a rare specific sound in the upper band. Music listened to through the MB5 B is airy, light and resonant, but also spacious. The whole is complemented by solid, low-lying, although slightly thickened bass, responsible for the power of the sound.
    The MB5 B are quite demanding as far as amplifiers are concerned. But while transistor amplifiers
    solid-state amplifiers of average power should have no problems with driving them,
    lovers of single-ended tube amplifications should look for some
    amplifiers should look for a powerful tube amplifier.

    PLUSES: Extremely resolving, detailed, and delicate in the treble range.
    Saturated, colorful but neutral and cultured midrange. Ample space with precisely placed instruments of almost their natural size.
    MINUSES: With some amplifiers, the bass can have a slightly bulky, subwoofer-like characteristic
    OVERALL: The MB5 B’s unusual design and use of a ribbon tweeter translates into a specific sound, especially in the upper range. To drive them you will need transistors of at least medium power or efficient tube designs.“

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