We make innovative loudspeakers in a sleek Scandinavian design. With a background in super high-end loudspeakers (Raidho), we use trickle down technology to create loudspeakers that has fantastic performance for the price. At same time they look stunning in high quality Danish design. Welcome to Scansonic HD

Made in Denmark

For the most critical series the products are build in-house in Denmark. Skilled craftsmen create these masterpieces by hand in Denmark. Rigorous testing and tight tolerances makes sure the products upholds the highest of standards.

Danish Design

Denmark has a long tradition of designing fine furniture. This tradition continues with Scansonic. Sleek design that fits any interior well. High quality materials used in all cases. A product you can be proud to own.

Raidho Background

Every Scansonic loudspeakers is built on the experience and back bone of the super high end brand Raidho. Raidho makes speakers that cost up to EUR 200.000+. Technology and craftsmanship have trickled down to Scansonic.

Price / Performance

Scansonic loudspeakers are exceptional value for money. With the Raidho background the technology for the price is outstanding.


Scansonic uses technology and innovation to push the boundaries for what is able to achieve at these price points. Especially ribbon tweeters, carbon fiber and Kevlar are put in critical places.